Spring Joy

My shame and guilt are gone. I feel so happy about my new hair color. At first, it looked pretty gross. I wore a brown bag over my head for a few days. Now, I’ve removed the bag. I’m ready to go tripping down the street and pick some flowers for my small patch of garden space.

Usually, I wait until Mother’s Day. That’s not good because all of the healthy annuals have been sold, and I get the leftovers. It seems like Mother’s Day is earlier than ever this year. It’s been a number of years since my mother and my mother-in-law passed away. Time doesn’t take away their memory. Whether it’s Mother’s Day or not Mother’s Day memories come to me and make me feel good all over. Thank God for the special people who served in this role and continue to give of their time at this very moment. Thank God.

I am reminded of Harriet Tubman. I know, she’s long gone. She left such a huge mark on History that it’s impossible not to remember how she sacrificed her life in order to save the lives of other people. I’m pretty sure she had children. I don’t remember how many children. Am I wrong? If you know the answer, please let me know in the comments.

I am so thankful Harriet Tubman is going to appear on our Twenty dollar bills. I would never have thought to see this day. She deserves this place. I believe the angels in Heaven are clapping and smiling. Happy.




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